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You have just taken the first step in starting a new, exciting, and fulfilling chapter of your life. 

Through career coaching, resume services, LinkedIn optimization, and brand consulting, we help you earn a living while enjoying the career you've always dreamed of.

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What we offer

Solutions for making money doing the things you love.

The one-stop-shop that delivers solutions you need to achieve the next big step in your career.

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Before most people start their own brand and business they have to work for other companies but finding a job that not only pays the bills but also excites you can seem impossible at times.


With professional services like :

  • ATS optimized & custom-designed resumes 

  • Brand Consulting 

  • Career Coaching 


we will set you on a path to a fulfilling career!

Then when you are ready to start your own brand and business we hope you have our Brand On The Brain!

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Why Brand On The Brain

We find undiscovered value in each one of your past experiences.

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Once you sign up, let the stress just float away.

While we do what we do best, you'll communicate with one of our professional writers or career coaches via:

  • video call

  • phone call 

  • email


 or you can even sit back and text message them.

ATS Optimized & Tested

Our method of resume writing results in the majority of clients getting interviews within 1 month of applying for jobs.

Around 98% of companies utilize an ATS or similar software

We test your resume using our own Applicant Tracking System to ensure success before you start applying

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Branding backed by Neuroscience

Every action we take has a purpose and we understand the effects of those actions down to the neurological level.

Client Testimonials

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"I reached out to Brand On The Brain in hopes of bettering my resume to land some interviews with companies that I thought were out of my reach. I’ve been working overnights plus overtime every day for the past year and it's been stressful. I wanted a daytime job with a full-time schedule. After finalizing my resume I applied for the 2 jobs and got both interviews scheduled almost within the next week! Very professional, caring, and encouraging which even boosted my confidence! Overall I am very satisfied, Thank you Brand On The Brain!" - Bryan S.


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