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"Would highly recommend his services, 10x more likely to hear back from your job application with the help of his expertise."

- Adan Gonzalez, Sr. Account Executive

Through career coaching, resume services, LinkedIn optimization, and brand consulting, we help you land the job you've always dreamed of.

We are Certified Professional Resume Writers!  The CPRW credential is the global industry standard for professional résumé writers and one of the most recognized and prestigious certifications in the industry. The PARWCC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches) was founded in 1990 as the first association for career professionals.

Why Brand On The Brain

We find undiscovered value in each one of your past experiences.

Brandon Morency sitting in a chair on his phone smiling and throwing a shaka
Cell phone with conversation between resume writer and client


Once you sign up, let the stress just float away.

While we do what we do best, you'll communicate with one of our professional writers or career coaches via:

  • video call

  • phone call 

  • email


 or you can even sit back and text message them.

ATS Optimized & Tested

Using an online Applicant Tracking System we guarantee that your resume scores in the top 20% of resumes which are benchmarked against 1m+ resumes at your career level, and is based on 20+ key recruiter checks.

Around 98% of companies utilize an ATS or similar software

Our method of resume writing results in the majority of clients getting interviews within 1 month of applying for jobs.

results showing a resume that scored 82%
Person Analyzing Statistics and an Applicant Tracking System

Branding backed by Neuroscience

Every action we take has a purpose and we understand the effects of those actions down to the neurological level.

Client Testimonials

a brain named Brandon riding a skateboard throwing up the shaka

"Brandon went above and beyond my expectations and over-delivered in every aspect of the job. I found Brandon, after having already worked with another freelancer on Upwork to help me with my resume. I was disappointed with what was delivered. Then I found Brandon and I am so grateful I did. He took a lot of time getting to know me and my achievements so he could craft my resume to suit the job I was applying for. He asked lots of questions to understand who I was, why I wanted the role and what made me unique. He was extremely responsive to all my questions. He turned it around within 48 hours which blew me away. He also advised me on things outside of the resume, but career related, to ensure I felt confident applying for this role. I am so appreciative of him, his experience, his skills and most of all how real and genuine he is. He is here to serve and that shines through. I would 100% recommend Brandon to anyone looking for resume, cover letter, Linked In help or any other career related help."  - Visa Shanmug, Account Manager


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