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RETAINER FEE - Resume Refresh & Career Advice ($255 Value)

RETAINER FEE - Resume Refresh & Career Advice ($255 Value)


You still owe the remaining balance on the Resume Refresh & Career Advice Service. Once your writer is finished with your resume they will request that you purchase the "Resume Refresh (REMAINING BALANCE)". Once they see the purchase of that service they will email over your new resume in a word or pdf form. 


This resume service includes...


  • Professionally Branded & Tailored Resume
  • 20-Minute Resume Strategy Call (IF REQUESTED)
  • Industry and Job-Targeted Keywords
  • Ranking in Top 10% of Resumes At Your Career Level
  • Modern, Compelling Resume Design
  • ATS Compliant Format
  • 3 Revisions by Resume Writer
  • Microsoft Word and PDF Copies
  • Rush Service Available


What you will get with this service/digital product:


- Depending on the level of communication you have with your resume writer and career coach your resume will be completed within 5 to 10 days (the longer it takes for you to respond to questions the longer it takes your writer to complete your resume)


- For Same Day or One Day Resume Services please purchase our "Rush Resume" Service


- You will email your most recently updated resume to (if you do not have one that is completely fine too) 


- In order to demonstrate the value of our services we will run the most recently updated resume that you send us through an online applicant tracking system that benchmarks your resume against 1m+ resumes at your career level and is based on 20+ key recruiter checks.


- If you do not already know what positions you would like to apply for, your Career Coach will search for job postings that match your desired criteria and send links to job postings for your approval


- Your resume writer will utilize the job posting you approve in order to identify keywords that we will include in your resume


- Your professional resume writer will ask an exhaustive list of Discovery questions in order to discover relevant value in your past experiences that you may have missed before 


- Your writer will make edits until your resume is rating in the top 10% of resumes in the applicant tracking system, then email the first version to you. You have 3 Free changes then you will have to pay for additional hours


- Finally, after we get your feedback and make any final changes we will send you an email with the word and PDF versions 

The reason for our pricing is that:

1. An example job posting is required in order to ensure your resume has the right amount of the correct keywords and finding the right position can be difficult and time consuming. 

2. We guarantee that your resume ranks in the top 10% of resumes in your career level in order to boost confidence knowing that your resume is strong before you actually send it in. 

3. We provide only the highest quality of writing services and will always go above and beyond for you as we want you to feel like this is more of a friendship than a business relationship.


Please see our additional resume bundles to fulfill all of your career needs.

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