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Our Services

 Seeing you smile because of the work that we do is why we feel successful! One way to help you create long-term happiness is to help find you a fulfilling career. One that excites you & is enjoyable but still brings you an income.

To make money doing the things you love is the ultimate goal.

These services will make that possible for you whatever your next career goal may be.

Resume Updates & 
Career Coaching

We offer 4 different resume/career coaching services for those who just need some small touch-ups to those who don't have any resume at all and need some coaching or advice on what to do next. Our method of resume writing uses ATS optimization to have the highest chances of hearing back from hiring managers or recruiters. We run resumes through our own ATS-like software to test if they contain the right amount of keywords so you can be confident your resume is good to go!

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

With more than 90% of IT employers checking potential new hires' LinkedIn profiles as part of the hiring process, it is becoming more of a need than a preference to have a LinkedIn profile as a business professional. A stellar LinkedIn profile that aligns with a strong resume could be the difference between you getting the position and someone else. We offer an affordable LinkedIn optimization service that ensures your profile will stand out and impress anyone who views it!

Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing is the driving force behind a growing business but marketing for yourself as a personal brand or small business can be overwhelming. Marketing agencies typically charge too much for small businesses to afford but this is where we come in. We have a wide range of free and affordable marketing campaigns for personal brands and small businesses that are guaranteed to increase awareness, bring in leads, and increase your ROI. 

Brand Consulting backed by Neuroscience

Building strong brands that have the highest levels of brand loyalty is our bread and butter. The number 1 source of sales for almost every business comes from REFERRALS and loyal customers/clients will continuously refer you to others leading to the quickest growth for your brand. Through a deeper understanding of the human brain, we are able to understand your clients more than your clients understand themselves. You have already subconsciously chosen to work with us because the decision started in the frontopolar cortex of your brain 7 seconds ago but now you are consciously and eagerly making the decision to work with us ;) . We look forward to meeting you!

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