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6 Things I Did to Go From $50 per client to a $500 client in 2 Years

When I first started Brand On The Brain I was writing friend's and family's resumes for $50 sometimes even just $25. This is the first thing you need to do to start a business of your own.

Gain experience through volunteering to do it for free or by charging a very low price.

In order to get your business started you need to gain experience. Even after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing, I did not understand real-world marketing and branding until I volunteered to do Social Media Marketing for a nonprofit Dog Shelter. Once I understood that you need to just take action and try the thing you want to do I realized I needed to just start writing resumes in order to get better at writing resumes. I also did extensive research on the internet which you can do for any business you want to start! Whatever business you want to start you need to provide your product or service for a low rate or do it for free in the beginning.

Use social media to grow your brand organically.

Depending on what your business is and who your target customers are (the people that need your help the most) you can choose which social media platform you should use. Start following and connecting with your customers and offering your services for the low prices you are currently charging. I use LinkedIn for my business in order to connect with the people who need resume and career services the most. Post as much valuable, helpful, and relevant information as possible. Even just once per month is better than nothing!

Connect with others and offer free help with no expectation of anything in return.

The best way to market your product is to offer a demo of your service or a free trial of your product. When I connect with people on LinkedIn who are open to work or students nearing graduation I ask them if they are feeling confident in their resume and offer them a free resume review with no expectation of anything in return. When I send them recommendations I let them know a bit about the services I offer as well as offer a discount for students and recent graduates. If you have a quality product or service then it will speak for itself and they will make a purchase. If they do not choose to use your services at that time they will probably think of you when they want or need that service in the future or recommend you to friends and family.

Obtain a certificate or some type of formal training to boost your credibility.

You can go online today and sign up for classes and certifications in virtually every field. Find some that are credible. Ideally, you should try for the most prestigious credential in your field although oftentimes they cost the most. I paid $450 to take the exam and be given the credential of Certified Professional Resume Writer from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. This is when you have the credibility to increase the price of your product or service.

Get testimonials from clients that were very happy with your service or product.

It should go without saying that you provide every customer with the highest quality product or service. Judge the reaction of your clients and ask the ones that seem the most appreciative to leave a quick review either on Google, Yelp or anywhere else your business can receive reviews. The more 5-star testimonials you receive the more credible and attractive your business becomes.

Offer 3 levels of Your Product or Service.

You should offer 3 levels of your product or service. Have one base product and then add more features to the second level and finally one with all of the features. In my case I offer just a resume writing service at $124.99, a Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile service at $249.99, and finally one with everything and interview coaching at $499.99. A few weeks ago someone found my website on Google and purchased the highest-priced service.

So that is how I went from charging $50 per client to getting a $500 client in 2 years and 6 things you can do to grow your own business. You got this!

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