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The Best Method For Applying To Multiple Jobs With Minimal Effort

Applying for jobs can be a daunting task and the process of tailoring your resume to each job you apply for can be DREADFUL!

Here is one method you can use to show the hiring manager that you took the time to tailor your resume for that exact position you are applying for using minimal amount of effort. This method works only when you your resume is already tailored for a specific type of position.

My resume personally is tailored to many general marketing positions, certain social media marketing positions (not for paid social media positions as that is not what I have experience in) as well as "branding" and "lead generation" type positions.

Use an "Objective" or "Profile" section at the beginning of your #resume and utilize this section to quickly demonstrate to the hiring manager that you tailored your resume specifically for the position and company that you are turning your resume in to .

This is the "Profile" section of the resume I recently used to land a full time position as a marketing assistant:

"Marketing assistant with exceptional lateral thinking skills and a focus on lead/demand generation through strategic and tested marketing campaigns. Born for branding as it is almost literally my first name! Looking to work with a passionate team of like-minded individuals that are driven to make a positive impact in the world. "

The first words that they read on the resume is the title of the position that they are hiring for.

Not only does a "Profile" section allow you to add a little bit of #personality to your resume it also allows you to quickly tailor your resume to the specific position you are applying for.

All you have to do is change the first words of your "Profile" section to reflect the position you are applying for! (Some professionals recommend not to use a "Profile" or "Objective" section in your resume however every resume is unique and it depends on the type of position you are applying for.)

I recommend using to apply to jobs as they will email you recommendations for positions that meet your criteria.

You can use the emails they send you to check and see if you like any of the recommendations they make. Then using this strategy you can quickly change the title of the position in the "Profile" section of your resume and make it appear to hiring managers that your whole resume has been tailored for that specific job posting and company!

You can also use LinkedIn and Craigslist to look for job postings.

It is very important that you tailor your resume for each and every position you apply for but you do not necessarily have to change everything about your resume!

Work smarter and not harder. Don't give up and keep sending in those job applications!

For a free resume review that is guaranteed to improve the quality and strength of your resume go to

Let us know in the comments what strategies you use to apply to jobs and reach out with any career-related questions as we are more than happy to help!

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