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3 Paid Outbound Marketing Strategies That Will Bring In Qualified Leads

Happy Marketing Monday Brainiacs! Here are 3 PAID cold outbound marketing strategies to gain qualified leads that then turn into SALES!

#Marketing is the outreach stemming from your brand and it is a daunting task at first but once you understand the basics of marketing it’s actually quite SIMPLE!

The first PAID outbound marketing strategy is the basic

1.)Cold Email Outbound

The first PAID cold outbound #marketingstrategy is cold email outbound and there is numerous software that you can use in order to do complete a cold email outbound campaign.

The first PAID #software I recommend is called Persist IQ and there are 2 different levels of service that you can purchase. 2 of the options called “Essentials” and “Teams” are $59. If you are an individual looking to utilize these services then the “Essentials” option is the way to go but if you have a team of 2 or more employees or colleagues that will be utilizing the service than “Teams” is the right option for you. The catch with the team's option is that it is still $59 PER USER so the only real incentive is being able to have all of your campaigns on one profile. Above is an image of the 3 options they offer.

The reason that we recommend Persist IQ as software to use for outbound #emailcampaigns is that it offers a very #userfriendly interface compared to a few of the other popular options for outbound email marketing. The other well-known outbound email marketing software is Mail Chimp and you can actually use the most basic features of Mail Chimp for FREE! This is definitely a perk of the site however there are numerous free outbound email websites and most of them are very templated for the free versions meaning that you only get some very basic features and any customizable features are only available when you get the PAID version. This can lead to a lot of frustration if you are trying to get your #campaign to be customized.

Persist IQ is a very valuable software in that it takes only 30 - 60 minutes to get the basic functionalities. This will allow for new and inexperienced users to get the information they need in order to get things DONE!

2.) Seamless AI/LinkedIn Outbound Campaigns

Seamless AI is one of the most valuable and user-friendly websites for any marketer that is looking to create email outbound campaigns. One of the reasons that make this software so valuable to marketers is that it not only does it creates emails lists that you can utilize but it also gives you a rating for the percentage of the validity of the email address. It uses #LinkedIn and the information that people enter into their biography to get you #hyperfocused and #qualifiedemaillists. People pay lots of money for email lists especially when they are qualified! Use this paid service along with LinkedIn to create large email lists of potential new clients. You can combine this with a free email service like #Mailchimp to create very successful outbound marketing campaigns.

When I say that qualified lead lists cost a lot the price of this service backs it up and costs a little under $100 per user per month! But imagine the #ROI it could give you!

3.) LinkedIn Private messaging using Sales Navigator

#SalesNavigator is paid service provided by LinkedIn is a new strategy to build real relationships with the #idealclients in a #professional setting. This is another service that can be extremely valuable when used correctly so the $100 per month per user can be well well worth it using the right strategies. Sending a large number of messages out requires a generic template which eliminates a large portion of potential clients as the #closerate on generic messages is far lower than strategies that use unique and client-specific messages. When you take over 10 minutes to write out a #personalizedmessage each time it ruins the numbers and you will land more clients but less frequently.

The key to this strategy is creating a SKELETON template. This template is the basic wording that all outbound messages will include but certain sections of the message are fill in the blanks sections where you can quickly scan over a prospect's profile and use that information to fill in those blanks which take only minutes more of your time and often can increase #ResponseRates by 5 to 17%!

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Have you had any experience using any of these services? Please let us know in the comments below if you have used these strategies or if you have any others to recommend.



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