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5 Tips For Staying Motivated While Job Hunting

When I first started looking to find a marketing internship in my junior year of college I could not even get a company to reply to me when I submitted my resume.

For 3 months, I would send 5 to 10 resumes every week and after 3 months I still had not received a response requesting an interview with me.

I started to panic a bit. The only marketing experience I had was taking marketing classes and doing marketing projects. I thought I had a decent resume for a college junior though!

I eventually learned the keys to landing job interviews with ats-optimized resumes and a few other key actions that will almost guarantee you hear back from hiring managers and recruiters. Click here for a free resume review.

Even if you have an incredible resume sometimes the companies you apply to just happen to find someone better suited for the position. It does not mean that you are not incredible though.

Here are 5 tips for staying motivated while searching for your next job

Create a plan

Write out a list of 5 companies that it would be a dream to work for. Write out 3 types of positions that you would like to apply for. Create a plan and set 1 hour each day to apply to 1 position, not necessarily for 1 of the dream companies but for 1 position you would be happy at. 1 hour sounds like a lot but sometimes it can be difficult to find something you really want to apply for!

Surround yourself "lighters"

"Lighters" are the people that light up our lives! Surround yourself with the people that believe in you and are always bringing out the best in you. They will keep you motivated and remind you how amazing you are no matter how many resumes you submit and don't hear back from.

Give to others

The goal is to create as many opportunities for yourself as possible. You want to feel valuable when you are not feeling valued because you are getting rejection emails or even ghosted from hiring managers. The best way to feel valued, is to bring value to others. When you give to others and bring them value you will feel valued. Do your best to bring value to anyone and everyone you come into contact with.

Create a "brag" file

This is a file where you gather all of the great things you have achieved as well as all of the great things that people have said about you. We all have bad days, you and I included. If you have a day where you are feeling low or blue, pop open that "brag" file and look at how freaking AMAZING you are!

Be kind to yourself

Many times the biggest critic of you, is yourself. We can be so harsh on ourselves when things are not going as expected. Try treating yourself like you would one of your loved ones. Would you bring them down if they did not have the greatest day at work? NO! You would comfort them and encourage them. Do the same for yourself. Life rarely goes the way we expect it so keep your head up and your eye out for new opportunities.

I hope that by implementing even 1 of these tips helps you continue on in finding a job or career that you will absolutely love. Hey you could even have an email in your inbox requesting an interview from you by the time you finish this article!

Follow your plan, surround yourself with people that see only the best in you, give value to others, remind yourself with your "brag" file just how incredible you are, and be kind to yourself.

Everyone here at Brand On The Brain believes in you. If you ever need help with finding a new career please leave a comment with any questions. We will be honored to guide you to the career of your dreams.

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