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Business Men and Women Are Addicted and Cannot Get Enough of This Stuff

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to establish a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with your client? Positive Client Relationships Are The Newest Addiction in The Business World

Building a #positiverelationship with employees and clients (or most people in general) is the only way to build a successful brand and business but it also produces dopamine in the brain which we all know is addicting! Neuroscience confirms our theories that when you build a positive client relationship clients feel safe and understood leading to trust, more sales, and more dopamine!

It increases motivation

Positive interactions lead to positive relationships. When you praise an employee or genuinely compliment clients it releases #dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is released in 2 areas of the brain, one is the substantia nigra (Sub-STAN-sha NY-grah), which is a tiny strip of tissue on each side of the base of your brain in a region known as the #midbrain.

A second area of the brain, the ventral tegmental area, also produces dopamine and is close to the substantia nigra.

If you are able to create consistent positive interactions with your clients and employees the brain starts to see the connections between the action performed and the release of dopamine. This leads the brain to do more than before in order to perform the action that they performed previously. This is why positive client relationships are so addicting!

"It takes only 1 negative interaction to break this cycle in the brain and but it takes 5 positive interactions to rebuild the connection between the action and praise/dopamine. "

In order to create these positive relationships with clients and employees, you need to have consistent positive interactions.

One way to do this with employees is to keep track of the interactions you have with them and note if you are giving constructive feedback or creating a negative interaction.

If you do have to give #constructivefeedback try to find the appropriate time and make sure to turn a negative performance into a positive interaction.

One way that can help you create positive interactions with clients is to ensure that each #touchpoint (a place where you and your client interact) you have with them is positive. When you plan marketing campaigns or any kind of communication with your prospective clients/customers make sure you note down which aspects of the interaction could be considered positive and which could be considered negative.

After you attempt to remove any negative, inconvenient, or unclear factors try to add 5 factors that you know will result in a positive interaction. The more of those positive interactions you have with customers/clients, the more positive relationships you create and the more dopamine for your brain!

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