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Free Professional Cover Letter Template To Land Job Interviews

Having to rewrite a cover letter for every single position that you apply to can be tiresome.

That is why I personally created this #coverlettertemplate so that each time you apply for a job, you will be #confident that the base of your cover letter is solid and that there are only a few things that you need to change for each position.

It makes the job-hunting process a lot less intimidating and demotivating.

When I first started writing resumes and cover letters professionally I would charge $15 for a cover letter as I knew how to create a strong base that I would fill in with the most valuable information.

I helped out one of my resume clients by sending her this template and it was the first time that I gave the template to someone. The client ended up using the template and said that it was great!

So since my purpose in life is to #help others so instead of charging for this service I am providing my professional cover letter template for FREE!

For a free resume review that is guaranteed to improve the strength of your resume check out the "Free Resume Review" tab.

With a #freeresumereview and this free cover letter template, you will be much more confident when applying for new jobs so what are you waiting for?!

Submit a free resume review form and download the free cover letter template today!

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