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Lack of Motivation in The Workplace? Give More Than Just Motivation, Give Intrinsic Motivation.

Even if you pay your employees a more-than-generous wage, give them amazing work perks or give them complete #creativecontrol in their position, they may still be #underperforming due to a #lackofmotivation!

This is because no amount of EXtrinsic motivation will ever be equal to the smallest amount of #intrinsicmotivation!

"Intrinsic motivation occurs when we act without any obvious external rewards. We simply enjoy an activity or see it as an opportunity to explore, learn, and actualize our potentials." -Very Well Mind

If your employee is only working to see a paycheck at the end of the week then they may lack in #productivity as they may not genuinely enjoy what they are doing in order to get that paycheck.

If employees are not genuinely interested in doing their job and are only motivated by external factors they are more likely to have higher levels of absence rates. Not only has research shown that these employees are absent more often than other employees but they are more likely to change workplaces as well. Not to mention the quality of their work is most likely much lower than what they are capable of.

All of these negative effects of lack of motivation, lead to huge losses in productivity and PROFIT!

The highest amounts of productivity don’t come from employees who do things because they get paid for doing well or get punishments for not doing well. The highest amounts of productivity come from employees who do things because they genuinely think they are interesting and make them feel good internally.

Intrinsic motivation comes from 4 different sources.

  1. Meaningfulness

  2. Choice

  3. Competence

  4. Progress

1.) Meaningfulness means that you feel that whatever you are doing for work is important and that it is contributing to something with real value.

2.) Choice means you believe that your decisions when it comes to work are influential and could make a significant difference. It creates a feeling of responsibility and ownership for your own work.

3.) Competence means that you take pride in your work because you believe you are performing at a higher level than most. Your way of doing things is unique and brings unseen value to the business.

4.) Progress means that you believe the results of your work will be positive and the actions you are currently taking are the right ones. You feel like the only possible outcome of your efforts is a positive one.

The people that are able to remain motivated and productive are ones who are intrinsically motivated and they genuinely enjoy what they are doing!

What motivates you intrinsically? For me personally, I founded Brand On The Brain to help people turn their passions into profits in order to live an enjoyable life without having to sacrifice happiness for money and survival.

If you feel like you are lacking intrinsic motivation at your job then reach out to us today and we will land you the job of your dreams or help you build your own brand!

(Please let us know if you are finding these blogs to be insightful, too long or if you have any other feedback please leave a comment below)

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