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What Does Neuroscience Have To Do With Marketing and Brand Content?

#Neurosciencemarketing is basically a process that asks companies to consider the research and findings and scientific study before they tackle a process that might help them to influence customer buying decisions.

What does Neuroscience have to do with marketing and brand content? Why are marketing campaigns and brand content so important and how do they affect consumers' brains?

To help explain why marketing campaigns and brand content are so powerful and important, here are two small facts about the human brain.

  • Human beings process visuals 60,000 times faster than text

  • More specifically humans prefer looking at other human faces over words and text

You will have a hard time gaining new customers and potential customers' attention with only plain text in your campaigns and brand content. With the massive amount of content people consume you need to make your content not just good but GREAT!

The content needs to include YOU (or employees)! People like seeing the face behind the business and the brand. That is why companies that have CEO’s with strong personalities and great origin stories are often so successful. It is also why you see so many commercials that feature "real customers" or "real employees".

Here are 5 things that you should incorporate into your marketing and brand content that will scientifically improve how and how often consumers will actually consume your content.

(Hi, I am Brandon....the human and I am in Salsalitos, CA!)

  1. Use intense #emotions to get the attention of the consumer's mind....When you combine your brand with intense emotions you appeal to the SUBCONSCIOUS mind of the consumer

  2. Empower your consumer by feeding their ego. Because humans are by nature self-serving your content will be more effective if you make the #consumer feel happy and validated.

  3. Give the #brain something it is familiar with! Brands with #consistentcontent and a strong personality are powerful because humans are naturally drawn to familiar interactions. Be consistent!

  4. Make it simple for the brain to consume. A great way to do this for consumers is having content that is scannable and includes things like

  • bullet points

  • subheadings

  • lists

Make sure to follow for more brand tips and tricks and start your personal brand journey today! What brands make your favorite content?

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